Getting started with Fresh only takes a few quick steps.

Creating and and completing an account allows you to bid and register interest in any deal straight away, no need to re-confirm your identity or investor status.
Registered users also receive our daily deals email.

Step 1 : Personal Information

Step 2: Account Verification

Recommended: As part of the checks required to process bids and share information with you, we digitally verify your identity through Australia Post. This only takes a few minutes and requires a driver's license or passport. 

Step 3: Investor Status Check

Recommended: To view term sheets and bid via the platform you will need to verify your investor status. Learn more about the requirements here

Step 4: Bidding Entity

Recommended: Add at least one Bidding Entity to be ready for your first bid, this will be re-confirmed with you before the bid goes firm.

N.B: bidding entities can be updated at anytime via the
Profile section.

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