Discover New Deals
We provide access to more than 50% of public placements with one account. All available without the need for an existing broker relationship. 

Simple Verification Process
No lengthy setup process or brokerage account, we complete your KYC/AML & s708 verification digitally in less than 10 minutes.

Bid Like an Institutional Investor
We work directly with the broker or company to submit bids, which are pooled together as a single line item. Bids made through Fresh Equities are recognised as a fund rather than an individual investor, this improves their weighting and likelihood of allocation.

Manage Your Bids
Shortly after the deal closes you will be notified of your allocation, this also include settlement and payment instructions. Most of the time you will be able to settle directly into your preferred HIN/SRN. You can monitor the status of your bids and update bidding details at anytime through the platform. 

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